Matthew Gauvin


Matthew Gauvin graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a BFA in illustration. He didn’t always know he wanted to be an illustrator but he did always want to make art. Before going to college Gauvin accepted seven awards and prestigious honors. Among these is an award presented by U.S. Senator, James M. Jeffords for the “Congressional Art Competition”, First place in the “2002 Federal Junior Duck Stamp and Design Contest”, and First place in the “2001 International Aviation Art Contest”. Throughout college he won Scholarships for artistic endeavors, First place in the third annual “Art at the National Examiner Contest” and some awards in local fairs.

After college Gauvin works as an accomplished illustrator and continues to enter and win art competitions such as the "Consumers Union Dangers of Debt Cartoon Contest" and the "After Sputnik Art Project". For clients he illustrated a cd cover, a mural, Greetings cards, magazine spreads, logos and six children‘s books. He also sells many of his own designs on products such as t-shirts, stickers, cups, shoes, and more from his online Zazzle store which is accessible through this website.

In his children’s books, Gauvin strives to create unique characters with clarity of expression and compositions that unite text and image harmoniously. His illustrations tell the story visually and bring the narrative to life while adding an extra dimension not told with words. The images are filled with sparks of life which seem to jump out of the page at the viewer. He does this with a unique combination of contrast and colors using light to draw the viewer into a warm inviting atmosphere. He uses similar techniques in his fine art which consist mostly of Landscapes.

Gauvin Currently lives and works out of his studio and home in Vermont where he enjoys studying nature, while watching thunder storms and snow storms roll by.